Platz für alles, was mit Kohle zu tun hat.
Space for everything concerning coal.

Maria hat einige bilder ausgesucht, die sie bei ihrer rechereche nach Kohlearbeiterinnen runtergeladen hat.

maria made a little research about female coal mine worker and chose a few of it for the blog. 

We take a look at Carbon - one of the most important elements for our lives on Earth. We look at various forms of elemental carbon, from diamonds to exotic graphene and buckyballs.

We take a look at the famous Buckminsterfullerene, better known as buckyball or C60.



All these following images are depicting things, places or people having to do with
the production of charcoal.

Wörter die auf Kohle Bezug nehmen / words related to the word coal
(whenever i knew the word in english I've put it in braces behind the german word)

Kohlenstoff (carbonate)
Karbon (carbon)
Holzkohle (char / charcoal)
Erdöl (mineral oil)
Erdgas (natural gas)
Graphit (graphite)
Diamant (diamond)
Schwarz <> Kohle (black <> coal)
Farblos<> Diamant ( colourless<>diamond)
Ruß (coom / smut)
lebendes Gewebe aus organischen Kohlenstoffverbindungen 
(tissue (med.) made from organic carbon compounds - it is very likely that this translation is wrong:-))
Kohlensäure (carbon dioxide)
Bergbau (coal mining)
Brikett (briquet)
Energie (energy, power)
Verbrennung (combustion, burning )
Kohlenkeller (coal cellar)
Kumpel (BE: butty)
Ofen (oven, stove)
Staub (dust)
Asche (ashes)
Wärme (warmth)
Hitze (heat)
Glut (blaze, embers)
Lunge (lung)
Kolkrabe (common raven)
Rabe (raven)
kohlrabenschwarz (jet-black)
Kohle ( Geld) (Kohle (coal) is a slangword for money)
Kohleader (coal vein? - like a gold vein without the gold part)
Bergwerk (mine)
Mine (mine)
Schacht (mining shaft)
Stollen (adit)
Tod (death)
Glückauf (good luck! a saying for mine workers)
Kohlenklau (theft of coal)
Köhler (charburner)
Lore (lorry)
Zeche (coal mine)
Kohlekraftwerk (coal-burning power plant)
auf heißen Kohlen sitzen (to be on tenterhooks)
Meiler (charcoal pit)
immer genug Kohle im Ofen haben
Kohlehydrate (carbonhydrate)
Brot (bread)
Kohlenmonoxid (carbon monoxide)
Pechschwarz (pitch-black)
Pech (pitch (chem.) but as well the word for misfortune)
Mutter der Mann mit dem Koks ist da
Kokerei (coke oven)
Das kalte Herz (The Cold Heart)
Untertage (underground, belowgound)
losing innocence
Schürze (apron)
Schutz (protection)
Feinstaub (fine dust)
Werkschutz (plant security)
Streikbrecher (blackleg, strikebreaker)